Electronics technician for operations technology m/f


  • Good secondary school certificate, predominantly in such subjects as Math, Physics, and German
  • Special interest in the field of activities
  • Teamwork capability
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Flexibility

Training period:

3.5 years

Training contents:

The up-to-date production lines used at ESKA must be installed and serviced in regular intervals. Working as "Electronics technician for operations technology m/f", you will install electric components on industrial production lines as well as on building system equipment; service, extend, modernise, and repair components in case of failures. You will also install cable routing systems, power and information cables. During the training period, you will learn, among others, how to cinfigure automation systems and to check safety facilities. Further activities may include start-up of technical systems as well as organisation and documentation of your activities.

Possible employment at ESKA:


Vacancies in the year of training 2020/21:

- 1 (Chemnitz)