• Good secondary school certificate, predominantly in such subjects as math, Physics, and German
  • Special interest in the field of activities
  • Teamwork capability
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Flexibility

Training period:

3,5 years

Training contents:

ESKA manufactures the tools required for production on its own. In the course of your training, you will learn the mode of function of tools and their use in production. You will learn how to make, runoff, and maintain the tools. After the end of your training course, you will be able to schedule, control, insprect, and optimize workflows. You will learn how to make precision parts (tools) by manual and/or mechanical cutting of rough parts by means of computer-controlled machine tools accurately to contour and exactly in compliance with the details given in design documentation.

Possible employment at ESKA:


Vacancies in the year of training 2020/21:

- 1 (Chemnitz)