New construction of aluminum competence centre

ESKA invests in a completely new competence centre only for the manufacture of aluminum fasteners and cold-formed aluminum parts. The total investment volume is around EUR 10 million and, thus, represents the biggest investment in the history of ESKA. The complete manufacture, that is, basic forming, heat treatment, and thread rolling will be accomodated in this shop on a surface area of around 3,000 m². The new production centre has been conceived for a maximum capacity of up to 3,000 tons of aluminum products.

June 2015

Break ground



July 2015

Built-up hall frame



August 2015

Installation of the outer facade

October 2015

Interior finishing of the hall


January 2016

Installation of aluminum cleaning machine and heat treatment line for aluminum



March 2016

Installation of the first rolling machines

May 2016

Construction of an automated small-parts warehouse