A Billion Times Perfection.

Over 1,000 different products and more than 100 customers with various factories all over the world - this means thousands of supplies per year where over a billion parts have to arrive in due time at the proper destination in quantity and quality as ordered. This masterstroke would be impossible without reliable logistics systems and experienced employees.

The core of ESKA logistics in an order processing center organized according to state-of-the-art principles, coping with all required internal and external processes ranging from production control up to delivery to the customer.

Using up-to-date computer equipment, ESKA ensures interfacing with the logistics systems of its customers. In accordance with the production output figures, the demand figures enter automatically into our systems.

ESKA is able to send and to receive all common formats of EDI messages, such as e.g. VDA, Odette or Edifact.


Order Processing Center

Tel.: +49 371 5705-327
Fax: +49 371 5705-317
Email: logistik@remove-this.eska.net