Cold Extrusion

Cold extrusion features a massive forming process to produce both hollow and solid blanks in a multistage production process (multistage pressing).

The material is extruded there by application of a high pressure. An upper die presses the blank through a forming and cross-section-reduced die orifice - the mold.

ESKA has espacially focused on the manufacture with four - to six-stage presses and, therefore, is able to make products with complicated geometry and a high forming degree.

Advantages of cold extrusion process:

  • high dimensional stability
  • excellent surface finish
  • continuous fiber flow line thanks to forming
  • efficient process for mass production

Product examples


Boron-alloyed steel grades (e.g. 23MnB3), low-aloyed (e.g. 23Cr4) and alloyed steel grades (e.g. 40CrMoV4.7) and aluminum are used as materials. In accordance with the definite application, the material can be selected together with the costumer.