Environmental and Energy Policy

Herewith, the Management defines the environmental and energy policy.

The fundamentals of said policy are as follows:

  • The environmental and energy policy must be appropriate as regards kind and scope of environmental impacts caused by activities, products and services, energy usage and energy consumption of the organisation;
  • The commitment to continuous improvement and prevention of environmental loads as well as improvement of energy-related performance;
  • The commitment to maintain availability of information as well as of resources required to reach the strategic and operational environmental and energy goals;
  • The commitment to strictly adhere to all valid legal regulations as well as to other requirements undertaken by the organisation with regard to environmental impacts, energy usage, energy consumption, and energy efficiency;
  • Permanent check of environmental impacts caused by activities and assess new processes and techniques in advance;
  • Formation of the framework to define and review strategic and operational environmental and energy goals;
  • Preclude or reduce environmental loads according to the current state of the art wherever economically reasonable;
  • Preservation of natural resources;
  • Support the acquisition of energy-efficient products which are intended to improve the energy-related performance;
  • Preclude accidents causing impacts on environment and restrict consequences;
  • Documentation and communication of environmental and energy policy inside the organisation across all levels (employees training, information of official authorities, customers, suppliers, contracting partners and general public;
  • Regular review of environmental and energy policy and update, if need be.

The goal of said policy shall be preferably reached by fault prevention and not by fault detection.
Thanks to continuous improvement measures taken, the company strives for becoming the best-in-sector.
The management obliges all employees of the company to make their contribution in this context and observe the relevant instructions required to implement this policy.
The procedures relevant for environment and energy issues are described in the Environmental and Energy Management Manual.
Every employee has the right and the duty to take care that circumstances causing negative effects on environmental and energetic issues are prevented and/or eliminated.
On the basis of permanent review of the efficiency of environment- and energy-related activities, organisation and method of environmental and energy managment will be matched with the latest experience and demands.

The environmental and energy policy will be brought to the knowledge of all persons working for or on behalf of ESKA on our homepage.


Chemnitz, November 2015


The Management