Connecting Elements

Connecting elements made by ESKA feature special parts for definite applications in automotive industriy and are made according to customer drawings.

Standardized screws and bolts are delivered by our company on demand. However, they can only complement the range of products to enable the customer to purchase all connecting elements from one hand and to keep the number of suppliers as small as possible.

The product range of connecting elements is defined as follows:

  • thread or shank diameter M4up to max. M40
  • maximum head diameter 50 mm
  • length 6 mm to 220 mm

Boron-alloyed steel grades (e.g. 23MnB3), low-alloyed (e.g. 34Cr4) and alloyed steel grades (e.g. 40CrMoV4.7) and aluminum are used as materials. In accordance with the definite application, the material can be selected together with the customer.