Business Informatics


  • Very good or good A-level certificate, predominantly in such subjects as Physics, Math, Informatics, and English
  • Special interest in the field of study
  • Teamwork capability
  • Sense of responsibility and commitment
  • Poise and self-confident manner

Period of study:

6 semesters

Contents of study:

Business Informatics means the science covering design, development and use of  information and communication systems, in particular, for companies in economy and public adminstration. Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach it has its roots in the field of economic sciences - especially of business management - and informatics, however, also includes, for instance, experience and methods of social sciences (sociology and psychology).

Computer scientists are investigating company and inter-company business processes, verifying their potential for beeing supported by information and communication technologies and designing, planning, implementing, and operating comprehensive socio-technical systems. Their area of activities is characterized by high dynamics and is strongly affected by up-to-date  IT technologies. For more detailed information of the course of study, please visit the website of Glauchau University of Cooperative Education:

Possible employment at ESKA:

  • IT-division
    Administrative area
    Software development
    Project management

Vacancies in the year of training 2020/2021:

- none