135 Years of German Industrial History

The history of ESKA

The history of the present ESKA Group dates back to the 1881 year of establishment as industrial mass production of screws and nuts had started at the same site location in Chemnitz under the corporate name "Saxon Screws and Nuts Factory" still past to the invention of automobiles.

The company developed successively with great success, even thanks to the extension of then core competency by incorporating activities into the in-house machine building for wire processing and forming processes and owned patents of this branch in all industrial countries.

Already in 1930, the change of the company type used so far into a stock corporation was initiated to meet the capital demands for further growth in all fields of business.

The company trading under the name Archimedes AG from that time on figured among the most important German producers with excellent export ratios.

In March 1945, Chemnitz as one of the formerly richest industrial cities in Germany was completely destroyed by allied air-raids. 225 factories were completely demolished or eliminated for a long time. Archimedes AG also suffered this setback.

After the division of Germany,  reconstruction and gradual restart of production took place under a centralistic control system. Monopolistic economy structures went on up to the year 1984 with just five other operating units amongst the Chemnitz site location and with over 3,000 employees and again a high level of awareness.

After the reunification of both German states, the Saxon Screws Factory had also to undergo a profound adjustment process same as all other monopolistic large-size companies.

Misjudgements of forthcoming market developments first led to a failure of attempts undertaken by foreign investors just after the political turn to manage the major part of previous production sites on conditions of market economy. The market powers set insurmountable obtacles thereto.

In late 1993, the former associates, Klaus Gruber and Winfrid P. Stoffel, also assumed responsibility for the Chemnitz site location. Readjusted to the concept of supplying automotive target groups and meeting their quality needs, considerable investments were initiated further to the total product change so required.

In 1995, the same associates also assumed responsibility for the Bärenstein Screws Factory GmbH and extended the product mix once again in terms of range and capacities.

Just before the turn of millennium, both production sites figured among the group of companies after completed restructuring and successful entry into the market which contributet to the story of success in Saxony.

As a tribute to the 125-years anniversary in 2006, the company now appears under the company name ESKA  Automotive.

Since August 2014 ESKA is 100% owned by Boltun Group, through Boltun Europe Holdings GmbH & Co. KG.