Joint Project HZwo:SuSyMobil

In terms of the energy turnaround and the increasing electrification of mobile drivetrains, the fuel cell is one of the key technologies to ensure flexible and emission-free mobility in the future. In this respect, the...[more]


Phase II: EMMA – The Network for CO₂-Neutral Massive Forming

Undoubtedly, the processes of massive forming are very energy-intensive. Climate neutrality until 2050 is, thus, one of the greatest challenges for the branch of massive forming at that time. To achieve this goal, the creation...[more]


Industry Initiative NOCARBforging 2050

ESKA is a participant in the NOCARBforging 2050 industry initiative, which is launched by the industrial Association for Massive Forming (IMU) in automn 2020, with the goal of CO2-emission-neutral massive forming technolgy by...[more]