Quality assurance

ESKA’s quality standards are guaranteed by a practiced and very efficient quality management system.

  • production process testing via SPC
  • equipment of testing machines for final inspection of 100% test criteria
  • IATF 16949:2016
  • DIN EN ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 50001:2011
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • certified for screws of all strength classes
  • certified supplier for safety-relevant parts (PSA Audit Autoliv)
  • DIN ISO 45001:2018
  • comprehensive certifications by our customers z. e.g. level A at VW
  • certified supplier of high-strength aluminum parts for OEMs and tiers
  • sustainability management


ESKA Automotive GmbH has been TISAX® certified since 2022 for handling data with high and very high protection requirements, high and very high availability and protection of prototype parts and components.
TISAX assessments are carried out by accredited testing service providers who regularly prove their qualifications. TISAX® results are not publicly accessible, but can only be accessed by registered users via the ENX portal.the scope ID of ESKA Automotive GmbH is S1X46C, the assessment ID is AX99VW.


ZWICK Z250 tensile/compression test bench

  • evaluation of the static-mechanical properties of screws / sleeves under tension / compression,
  • non-contact evaluation of elongation by means of video extensometer
  • Fmax: 250 kN
  • special fixtures for testing complete bolts according to. ISO 898-1
  • evaluation of load/relief cycles on sleeves

High-frequency pulsator ZWICK 100 HFP 5100

  • determination of fatigue strength and fatigue strength of bolts
  • determination of fatigue strength and fatigue strength of bolts
  • maximum average load: +/- 100 kN
  • maximum amplitude load: +/- 50 kN
  • test frequency depending on material and dimensions 35 – 300 Hz

Friction test rig Test

  • determination of friction coefficients (total / head / thread) according to international and
  • customer specifications
  • drive system up to 250 rpm at 500 Nm
  • 3 integrated force transducers: 25 kN / 30 Nm; 60 kN / 120 Nm; 200 kN / 500 Nm

Kistler tightening test bench (formerly Schatz)

  • evaluation of torque – angle – curves and performance of all types of tightening processes
  • (torque, torque + angle, yield point controlled tightening)
  • torque – angle of rotation, yield point-controlled assembly on customer components of dummy connections- Drive system up to 500 rpm, Mmax: 200 Nm- 3 torque/angle sensors: < 5Nm / < 50 Nm / < 200 Nm

Low-ohm meter MI 3252 MicroOhm 100A

  • MI 3252 MicroOhm 100 A is a portable measuring device for measurements of low ohmic resistances with
  • adjustable test current from 100 mA to 100 A for measurements of electrical contact
  • contact fittings, especially in the field of electromobility
  • accuracy of 0.25 % of the reading value and with a resolution of up to 1nΩ

Laboratory friction welding system RSM401 UA (HWH)

  • friction welding of a wide range of materials such as copper, aluminum, stainless steels and many more
  • calculation of friction cross-sections and design of welding zone geometry
  • carrying out experimental welding tests to determine the limits and weldability

Temperature chamber Vötschtechnik LabEvent T/210/70/5

  • test series under dynamic temperature load between -70°C … +180°C
  • laboratory R&D / measurement technology- 200l volume (630x650x540mm³)
  • for temperature cycling tests of bolted connections etc. and analysis of preload loss

Preload force measurements on original components

a) Intellifast ultrasonic measuring device (LoadProbe 3000b)

  • evaluation of preload on original components after tightening and mechanical / thermal load
  • high flexibility due to bonded piezo sensors (PI-Ceramic)
  • advantages: One-sided accessibility enables measurements on the original component
    b) Direct length measurement with 3D coordinate measuring machine Zeiss Calypso
  • advantages: No influence of any structural changes on the measurement result