High-strength aluminum screws

High-strength aluminum screws


High-strength aluminum screws for weight-optimized lightweight constructions

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Red anodized aluminium screw

Optimum mechanical and physical properties

Aludrive® screws are manufactured in series from the AlMgSiCu alloy AA-6056, which was originally developed for aerospace applications. An optimized sequence of cold forming and precise continuous heat treatment provides fasteners with maximum strength with minimum scattering and at the same time good ductility and high corrosion resistance.


The increasing use of aluminum and magnesium alloys in all areas of technology and especially in automotive engineering increasingly requires intelligent solutions in the field of fastening technology.

High-strength fasteners made of aluminum alloys offer significant advantages over conventional steel screws. In addition to the pure weight advantage, these are the increased security of the connection against loss of preload force, the avoidance of galvanic corrosion processes even without coatings and significant cost-saving potential when considering the overall connection costs. ESKA’s many years of experience in the field of complex cold forming and its specialization in special application solutions make it THE competent partner for the introduction and series supply of your production with high-strength aluminium screws.

Thanks to precise process control throughout the entire production phase and, in particular, the use of a continuous state-of-the-art heat treatment line, Aludrive® screws offer the best mechanical properties. This is why Aludrive® screws have already been in series production for some time in the transmission and engine construction of well-known automobile manufacturers.

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HA screw sets®

Made of high-strength aluminum for prestressable aluminum constructions with higher corrosion protection and reduced weight


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