Motor and battery

For the engine and transmission sector, ESKA produces both safety-relevant connecting elements of the highest strength and weight- and corrosion-optimized components made of high-strength aluminium alloys. In both cases, the coordinated combination of cold forming, hardening technology and surface treatment makes a decisive contribution to the consistently high quality standard that our customers expect from us. 

Main applications

The main areas of application in the engine and transmission sector are in: 

  • battery
  • the engine-transmission screw connection
  • the connection of ancillary and auxiliary units
  • deflection and guide elements for moving parts


In the interior sector, the number of applications is growing in which production tolerances in the bodywork area need to be bridged in order to be able to optimally install built-in parts. ESKA supplies solutions that allow automatic and/or manual adaptation to the respective conditions. 

For safety-relevant connections in the areas of airbags, seat belts and seats, ESKA offers both standard and customized special solutions. 

Main applications

The main areas of application are:

  • dashboard bolting and adjustment 
  • the fastening of seat belt retractors and deflection pulleys
  • seat fixing and backrest locking 
  • airbag fixing (circumferential) 
  • steering wheel height adjustment 


In the exterior area, ESKA products can be found as functional carriers in assemblies and are used, for example, as compensating elements or for connecting movable and immovable add-on parts. The experience gained from a large number of different solution concepts enables a product to be tailored precisely to the respective application, which is developed individually in cooperation between the attachment part supplier, the customer and ESKA. 

Main applications

The main areas of application in the exterior sector are in the following areas:

  • hinge fittings and electric drives
  • bumper fastening
  • convertible tops
  • connection of auxiliary units, design elements, headlights, chassis, etc.